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     Director Thomas Meyer's Debut Feature Chosen       One Completed and Being Submitted to Film Festivals

Sunday, February 03, 2019.
Director Thomas Meyer's directorial debut Chosen One has been completed and is being submitted to local Seattle area, and national and international film festivals. 

Chosen One takes you to the Land of The Forgotten Forest, an enchanted place where elves live. Celadriel, a young elf girl, stumbles onto a group of elf archers, who protect the land from the threat of vampires. Showing them of her abilities, it is here that she learns of her destiny, that is written in prophecy. Leaving all that she knows behind, she trains and is tested. When the land is faced with a vampire invasion, led by the villanous Andrasteia, can Celadriel fulfill her prophesy as the Chosen One?

Almost two years in the making, this low-budget, independent fantasy feature was filmed almost entirely on location in Western Washington, with some scenes filmed near Mount Rainier and and Bellingham. Cast and crew are some of the area’s finest actors, cosplayers, stunt players, cinematographers, technicians, location scouts, producers, production assistants, etc.

Production design, framing, special effects, which brought the Land of Forgotten Forest to life, were all done by Meyer himself.

The film is based on a story and short film by Meyer titled 'Nostariel the Vampire Who Loved Cookies'.